Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Royal Icing

Hello! Today I decided to talk about royal icing through my perspective. Nothing is new regarding royal icing, I think, but is always fun to know what other use and how they store their icing.

- Royal Icing Mix: Not because I am lazy, but because when making this type of cookies all I want is to decorate and if I know this wont fail, even better! Comes on handy specially when you want to make a small amount of it. I use royal icing to create figures and add them to cupcakes and cakes, since a lot of people i know, don´t like fondant that much. And since they are the ones eating what I make........
For that you just need the mix, and water. I have never made the whole bag of mix. Because I use it to make smaller portions of icing). But a single bag lasts me for a while so I can tell it would make a ton of icing if I was to make the hole bag at once.

The price for the bag, Amazon price is pretty decent (here), considering the only other ingredient to ass is water.
The good thing about using this one is the flavor, the comfort, and of course, time and few ingredients.
The bad thing is that is not home-made. What helps to kind of make it a good thing is that you can always say you came up with the design for the cookie, so it feels more home-made. 

- Meringue Powder Royal Icing recipe: If I´m feeling a bit more "from scratch", I always use this recipe. It comes in a pretty  sweet and awesome design, which I was actually thinking on printing, but I don´t want to waste any paper if is not a necessity (the trees..). I can always look it up on my computer. In fact when I´m all about that recipe, I just add it as my wallpaper on my computer while I am making it, so I can just look at it as I go!
The good thing about this one is the taste, and the "from scratch" factor. Also, it doesnt ask for egg whites, instead it uses Meringue Powder. This leads me to the bad things. 
The bad thing is the price at the end. Meringue Powder can get pricey here. Depends on what brand, but I only have access to that one. Besides to that, you have to buy or add icing sugar and Cream of tartar. 

I have made the whole recipe and makes A LOT of icing. And I mean, a lot. I don´t know how many cups, but I made the recipe using a medium bowl, and it was full of icing. This type of recipe could work perfectly fine for somebody who has a cookie business, or is making a bunch of cookies as party favors, or something big.

I´m definetelly not an expert yet, and I´m still learning about this type things, but I always keep my icing in a Tupperware, covered with a piece of clean pack films making contact with the icing so is as tight as it can possibly be so no air is above the icing if that makes any sense, and then I close it, pushing first one side and the the other one. (Kind of expelling all air I can). I have never refrigerated it, because it usually doesn´t last too long. I just keep my Tupperware at room temperature, over the kitchen counter.

P.S- I use to use royal icing using fresh egg whites, but ever since my nice got a pretty bad allergy and we didn´t know for sure what caused it, I just don´t make that recipe anymore; plus I don´t like the smell of that icing. Too Egg-y, I think.

So, as far as icing goes, it depends on what people are looking for, how much time they got, if they are on a budget or not, and if they want to make the recipe their own so they can say "can you believe I made EVERYTHING from scratch? so, if the cookies taste amazing, its always a good feeling.

So, I hope it was somewhat helpful. Let me know what yours is and thanks for reading!
Talk to you later!